Sweet sprouting cauliflower


Here’s my article for Produce Business UK on new veg sweet sprouting cauliflower:

First developed by Japanese seed company Tokita Seed, sweet sprouting cauliflower has been likened to an edible bride’s bouquet, with long, thin-stemmed and tiny white-cream florets. Practical as well as a pretty face, the brassica is said to be sweeter, more versatile and easier to prepare and cook than its everyday counterpart, as well as not having the sometimes-wasteful thick stem.

Sweet sprouting cauliflower is a veg of many personas; its variety name is Fioretto, it’s known as Karifurore in Japan, and it has recently been introduced into Marks & Spencer as “Artisan Biancoli Spears”. A hit with Japanese, South African, US and Australian consumers, the spruced-up cauliflower got Tokita Seed nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in 2014 and was stocked in limited Waitrose stores exclusively grown by Lincolnshire’s Produce World shortly afterwards under the name “sweet sprouting cauliflower”. Since then, food writers and bloggers have made cauliflower the vegetable of the moment and if they start to pick up on this pretty, flower-like version, it could be about to hit the big time.

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