Make your own butter

If you’re like me and you appreciate butter on your toast as well as for baking, you might be struggling to buy enough butter. But have no fear. I am here to make sure you keep that calorie count up and your food delicious with this super-easy butter recipe. It’s based on a recipe feature I wrote for LandScape magazine a couple of years ago and you can add all sorts of things to it to jazz it up. So, as long as you buy a carton of double cream, you can have your butter and eat it.

Whisk until the fat separates completely from the liquid

Butter recipe
Makes 200g approx

300g double cream
sea salt

Pink peppercorns/crushed garlic/black pepper/ground cinnamon/mixed herbs/lemon zest 

Place the cream into a mixer and whisk (or use a bowl and an electric whisk) on a high setting for 6-8 mins. The cream will get thick, like the consistency you’d spread on a cake, then it will curdle and finally the yellowy fat will separate from a watery milk-like substance. Stop whisking when the water is sloshing around, like in the picture. 

Drain the liquid out into a jug (it’s nice for making pancakes) and then squeeze any excess liquid out of the butter. Mix in sea salt and any additions you want, if using.

Wrap the butter on a sheet of baking paper and pat the butter into a block shape using your hands. Rewrap the butter securely and chill for 30 mins. Use within a week.