Salt + Pickle, Crystal Palace: restaurant review for Olive magazine


Whenever I experience a really good restaurant – wherever I am in the country – I let Olive magazine know. This time the new restaurant was on my doorstep so luckily I can go (and have gone) back for more. Salt + Pickle is such a lovely place to drink and eat away the afternoon or evening.

Salt + PickleIMG_3792

The concept of Salt + Pickle is simple: it’s a celebration of preserves and preserving. Anything that requires salting, curing or pickling in anyway is on the cards on this concise, ever-changing menu. Is it a deli? Is it a wine bar? It could be both, either or neither. With a cool we-do-what-we-do vibe, similar to Barcelona tapas bars, it’s an exciting addition to Crystal Palace’s increasingly talked-of food scene.

Salt + Pickle is a local deli owner’s labour of love. Already running the Good Taste deli on the London borough’s triangle, scientist-turned-food entrepreneur Manish Utton-Mishra thought his ethically and thoughtfully sourced meats, cheese and wine in the deli needed more space. Here at Westow Hill, there’s now a shiny copper-topped bar and a central island with soft-top metal stools, surrounded by restaurant-style tables and chairs, seating 40, all in.

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