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Seasonal Dinner Parties has been created by Liz O’Keefe, a former cookery editor of eat in magazine, trade food and drinks journalist and qualified chef with a passion for cooking according to the seasons and, of course, hosting a good dinner party.

A judge for the Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards and the Deliciouslyorkshire and Bacon Connoisseur awards, her journalistic experience lies in the food and farming industry, with a focus on fresh produce, as well as restaurant critiquing and recipe development, writing and editing.  


Liz believes that the art of the dinner party has generally been forgotten. As houses and flats get smaller, many miss out the all-important dinner table entirely, leaving restaurants as the only option for food socials. SDP will show that dinner parties are not a stuffy thing of the past or the preoccupation of certain classes, but a fun, engaging way to reconnect yourself and your guests with the wonderful food on your doorstep. 



Having travelled the world reporting on different food productions, Liz also feels it is important to recognise that foods from further afield have a place in the supply chain through both necessity (as in many food sectors in the UK, there are not enough producers to sustain the amount we consume) and to sustain economies outside the UK.


Nevertheless, she is an advocate of home-production and through the SDP Plans offered on this website she will be flagging up certain producers and niche products that have caught her eye on her travels as a food writer.





A lot of love and care – and the very occasional dinner party disaster (her top tip: try to stick to one glass of wine during the preparation process) – has gone into providing a website that dinner party lovers can return to for inspiration again and again, and hopefully convert a few reluctant hosts to the art of the dinner party.



Liz is currently home economist on LandScape magazine, producing British seasonal recipes for each issue, her first cookery book, The Great British Pepper Cookbook, was published November 2014 (Libri Publishing) and her next with Anness Publishing is called The Mushroom Book, which is due to be published in autumn 2016. Liz is available for freelance food writing, recipe development and food styling (to see her work click here).

Examples of Liz's work: 

LandScape magazine's seasonal recipes every issue since April 2015. Take a look at some online examples here 

Recipe deveopment for the Good Food Channel 



 Former cookery editor on eat in magazine 


Feature and editing pieces with Fresh Produce Journal  

Restaurant reviews

Commercial clients: 




www.pandevie.com (pictured)




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  Seasonal Dinner Parties blog and follow   @ecjokeefe



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