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Welcome to Seasonal Dinner Parties!

Fabulous, simple and fun: here, budding cooks can access full Seasonal Dinner Parties Plans, including a menu, with matching aperitifs, wines and cocktails where appropriate; a time plan, guiding you from setting the table to welcoming guests, preparing vegetables to dressing the dinner plates; the corresponding recipes; and a full shopping list advising where you can get all of the ingredients.

Concentrating on using niche, seasonal and sometimes extraordinary products, Seasonal Dinner Parties will make sure your guests are talking about your dinner party (for completely the right reasons) for many gatherings to come.

If you just fancy a seasonal recipe, you can have a look at my individual recipes and please take a look at my blog if you're interested in the latest food and drink trends. Also, if you're into finding out more about how peppers are grown in Britain and how to prepare and cook them, look up my new cookery book,
The Great British Pepper Cookbook

Happy cooking!





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