Book at seat at the Summer Supper Club, 12th August 2023

Summer will be in full swing by 12th August and I am so looking forward to making use of all the wonderful seasonal produce that will be at my fingertips, making my job easy.

Concentrating on seasonal food, I will be putting on a six-course supper club of seasonal treats according to what’s available and best at the time. Fully stocked bar will be available throughout the supper club and a wine pairing flight can also be purchased on the night. The menu is revealed on the evening. You can choose from a pescatarian or vegan menu when you book your ticket. Please get in touch with any questions or allergies.

The seasonal supper clubs are monthly and held at Brown and Green on Crystal Palace’s The Triangle at 7.30pm. This event has now passed. You can book a ticket for the next supper club on 21st October, here, and there is a subsequent one on 25th November. There’ll be a two-month break from supper clubs from then and they will restart in February 2024.  

Here’s some highlights from June’s seasonal supper club:

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